With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (Geez…already the year is flying by!) and that ever so gentle reminder in every store and on the tube, you need to express your feelings on February 14th to the one you love. Reminds me of a post on social media that my husband made to me on a completely insignificant day. No not my birthday, not our anniversary, not after a crazy night of amazing…well, you know. Just a day, nothing more momentous than any other day. He posted “Have I told you I love you lately?”.

My heart fluttered, sitting at my desk alone in my office a major grin came over my face. This man has a way of expressing himself that leaves me with no doubt in the world that I am truly loved. I couldn’t just reply “Yes and I love you too!”, no, this question got to me. He gets me!! He knows my love language and he speaks it well! With happy tears in my eyes, I posted my reply:

“Yes. Everyday. About a thousand times a day. Not just in words, although not a day goes by that I don’t hear it, but in everything you do. Here are just a few of the ways that you tell me you love me. Every time you tell me I’m beautiful, that you love my cooking, when you laugh at my jokes and hold me when I cry. When you listen to my 70’s music collection ALL DAY LONG and let me watch Gilmore Girls at night. You let me have the entire closet, built a VW Van photo booth for my birthday, and finished off the attic for me to have my own shop. When you believe in all my crazy ideas, dreams, and goals. You love my kids, my mom, family, and friends. You take care of Zeus, our house, wash my car, install speakers indoors and out just so I can listen to music wherever I go. When we hold hands, when we go to church, when we stay home, or take me on the most amazing trip of my life to California. You are telling me every day, in everything that you do, that you love me. AND I LOVE YOU!!”

This man inspires me to honor him and respect him. I cannot do enough for him and I am constantly looking for new and fun ways to show him how much he is loved and adored. That’s what love is all about.


Show your love every day, in every way, in all that you do.