Gifting Made Easy

Oh the gift giving dilemma…finding that perfect something for someone that’s got it all. Let’s face it, we all have those people in our lives that you just don’t know what in the heck to get. You do an internet search “What to get for my hard to buy for Mother-in-Law?”. Maybe its bosses day, your super rich uncle’s 60th birthday, or your next door neighbors bridal shower. Well here’s the solution that ended my “I’ll just pick up a gift card” routine. Start each year by selecting a theme gift item. You can get this gift for everyone and for every occasion. When a birthday rolls around, you will know what to give, you’ll then just individualize it for each person, age, and occasion.

Here’s some examples:
Tervis Cups – A couple years ago it was the Tervis insulated drinking cups for all my family, friends, and co-workers. This made gift giving easy peasy that year! Not only are they great cups but they come in every possible theme imaginable. I selected a cup that represented each person and or event. For a friends birthday, I got her a Tervis with an art supplies design because she is an amazing artist. For a cousin’s wedding, a “Bride and Groom” set of Tervis’s with a bottle of their favorite adult beverage.

Socks – Socks are also one of those items that most everyone loves. I gave my husband a pair of “Yeti on a Mountain Bike” socks. Why you ask? Well, he’s a beast on his mountain bike. For a photographer, “Camera Socks”. Movie lover?, “Movie Night” socks. Bee keeper? (YES, I know a bee keeper) there are socks for that! Check out our variety at Woodstock Gifts.
Here are some other suggestions for your yearly themed gifts that come in a wide variety of occupations, sports, hobbies, occasions, and interests that can be individualized for each person. Then you can build on your theme by adding like items.

• Games/Jigsaw Puzzles
• Coffee Mugs (add a bag of coffee, cocoa or tin of tea)
• Tea Towel with a handwritten card of your favorite recipe or a box of scone/pancake mix
• T-Shirts
• Beach Towel with a bottle of Sunscreen or pool toys for the kiddos
• Drink Coasters
• Journals (Devotional, Camping, Hiking, Travel, Bucket List, etc.)

There are so many possibilities. So far we’ve been sockin’ it in 2019!!!

Yours truly,
The Gift Giving Guru