Exercise: A Little Goes a Long Way

Really dislike exercise or just never have the time to squeeze it in? You’d be amazed at all the opportunities there are to add some exercise in your normal routine. I know I am always looking for easy ways to add mini workouts to my day.

First things first – Household chores are a great way to get up, get moving, and accomplish a lot. Vacuuming…one of my most disliked chores after folding laundry and washing dishes. When I started looking at vacuuming as a way to multitask (exercise and housecleaning), I actually do it more often. I turn on the music, pull out the Hoover and go at it! Okay, now bump it up a notch by adding leg weights and then pick up the pace. You’ll be sweating in no time and look at what you’ve accomplished.

While I wait for my bathtub to fill each morning, I do squats, pushups, or crunches depending on the day of the week and calf raises while brushing my teeth.

I park far away from the grocery store to benefit from a longer walk and then if I’m just picking up about ten items or less, I always use the basket for my items instead of pushing a cart.

Of course, always take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator at the mall or at work.

While I watch my favorite show at night, I do jumping jacks or run in place during commercials.

I know, it certainly doesn’t take the place of a full-blown workout but on those days when there is not a specific 30 minutes or hour you can set aside, it’s a way to keep moving, burn calories and hey…if you can do all these things in one day, that adds up to 30 – 45 minutes.