Naturally Inspired Items and Gifts

At Live the Trail/Woodstock Gifts, we are in love with nature and want our collections to reflect a natural vibe. We seek various qualities in our products containing maybe just one or several of the following characteristics. Using natural materials, a natural design, handmade, homemade, custom designed, unique creations, made in the USA or through Fair Trade, and many of our items are only available in limited quantities.

Our mission is to locate the most distinctive and highest quality items that anyone would love to own. Our goal is to make gift giving easy and worry free for the giver but yet seem as though you’ve searched high and low to the very ends of the earth for the most perfect gifts to send. We strive to find items as unique as the receiver and continually update our goods and products to keep with the most current market and latest craze.

Know that when you send a gift from Woodstock Gifts, you will suddenly become everyone’s favorite relative, boss, friend, business associate, and neighbor. You have just set your gift giving standards to a higher level.

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